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Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 3
Date Posted: October 30, 2018
Expiry Date: November 10, 2018
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Any
Years of Experience: 8
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Salary Type: Negotiable
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To apply until 10 November 2018 deadline, use: • E-mail flintstonejobs@yahoo.com • Office 7th floor, Number 710 Ambasel Building Wolosefer, Ethio-China Friendship road
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Flintstone Engineering & Homes, a pioneering construction and real estate firm, has always moved with the times. In this fast paced business climate, Flintstone is recruiting the brightest and the best graduates from Universities across the country. Hence, Flintstone Engineering is seeking applicants for the position of a project coordinator who will be responsible to provide on job training to enable them manage projects effectively.

What is expected from the successful candidate during on-the-job trainings?

  • Understand the business environment and company operational framework
  • Follow company rules but argue strongly for change based on sufficient grounds
  • Identify the gap to be filled for each of the trainee engineers and coach to reduce gap
  • Share experience in optimization of project objectives, resource and finance allocation
  • Demonstrate to trainees how to identify challenges as opportunities for practical creativity
  • Coach communication and presentation skill with subordinates and stake holders
  • Build a good team and teach how to do that at different levels of project organization
  • Assume and coach full responsibility, self-motivation, problem solving & decision making
  • Manage & coach multiple projects multi-tasking techniques & optimization methods
  • Exhibit and teach emotional control, its value and how to be calm under high pressure
  • Teach the value of knowledge, stamina and how to practice the enjoyment of challenges

What qualification and submission is expected from candidates?

Years are indicators of experience. But more important is how the experience relates to the expectations. Hence, the candidate who submits a convincing proposal on how the project coordination and on-the-job-training will be conducted is more likely to be successful.

  • Sc in civil engineering, architecture, construction management or similar fields
  • Minimum 8 years as project manager on building construction projects
  • Strong record of success as a project manager evidenced by project time & budget line, supported by one google map pin, three pictures; and candidate’s own testimony for all projects ( only reference telephone needed for each; no need for Employer’s letter)
  • A complete resume and an audio visual recording of candidate’s presentation how the project coordination and on-the-job-training listed above will be conducted with a written outline of the training methods and scheduling of tasks. This can be recorded by phone camera but must be audible & visible. (A guideline module is available for all interested candidates upon request by email flintstonejobs@yahoo.com,)
  • Selected candidates will be expected to present their proposals in person for top management prior to final selection of the successful candidate.

Time, Salary and Benefits

  • Candidates are encouraged and expected to financially value their services and talent themselves. Preferably, a candidate may propose a monthly salary, an end-of-period (not less than 1 and not more than 2 years) bonus, net after tax and other transportation of health insurance and benefits. The proposal will be negotiable. If the candidate fails to value the service financially, negotiations will be made based on offer made by management taking into consideration the talents demonstrated and the value to the company thereof.

To apply until 10 November 2018 deadline, use:

  • E-mail


  • Office

7th floor, Number 710

Ambasel Building

Wolosefer, Ethio-China Friendship road