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Who we are

A home is the most valuable asset for all of us. The safety and future of our family depend on it. For most of us it embodies achievements and aspirations. And anyone who plans to buy a home from a developer deserves to know who they are buying from. That is why we feel so obliged to tell you about Flintstone, one of the most trustworthy and professional developers in Ethiopia.  Flintstone home is a real estate business launched in 2008 by Flintstone Engineering, a construction firm founded in 1991. This Ethiopian year, Flintstone will celebrate its 26th Anniversary. Flintstone delivered a total unit of 1532 to the home buyers.

Our Success factors

Many are curious on how we are able to deliver on our contracts given the difficult nature of the domestic construction industry and the volatility of the market. Three key success factors enable us to keep our promise to customers;




Value Analysis

Research and insightful value engineering enable us to understand what the customer needs and come up with a design fit for purpose. No more, no less. Our designers refrain from excess in flamboyance, focus on function and streamline home elements to constructability and cost effectiveness

Longsighted Marketing

In marketing, we aim to attain zero buyers’ remorse. A properly informed buyer, by a sales person who has a deep understanding of the customer needs, rarely regrets the decision to buy. At Flintstone, buyers are given sufficient time to think about our offers and compare options available in the market.

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By blocking 10% of the sale price in their bank account, they can reserve their choice home and survey other options, without committing any money at all. In the rare cases a buyer changes her/his mind, the blocked amount is released immediately. Sales performance is measured in a way that encourages agents to develop lasting customer relationships. Flintstone sales agents are paid not only to sell contracts but also to ensure homes are delivered. Representing their customers, our sales agents are empowered to file complaints to top management and enforce positive responses by site management with customer payment used as leverage. Flintstone homes also help buyers establish home owners’ association by providing legal counsel, office work support and space for assembly. We believe an organized homeowners’ community will ensure customer satisfaction and avoid conflicting interests degenerating into costly disputes. The Twin crossings Homeowners’ Association, established in July, 2011, is a proud example.

Operational Excellence

Hence, the first of a series of future Flintstone Homes, Twin Crossings (named after the striking twin deck bridge nearby) was launched by Flintstone Engineering  in association with Century 21, grade one construction firm with strong foreign and local investment footing.

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Established in October, 1991, Flintstone Engineering is one of the most distinguished construction contractors in the country, recognized for its rare combination of low price and quality. Since its establishment Flintstone Engineering’s robust quality management system was ISO-9001-2000 certified in 2007 on that year, a year pegged with shortage of power, cement and finance, Flintstone’s construction revenue has crossed the hundred million mark. This was over 20 % of our total portfolio, much higher than the local industry average of about 10%, proving our commitment to deliver to the customer. Currently we are working 24hours in three shifts on the African union peace saving buildings project /PSB/, a state of the art building financed by the government of Germany and scheduled for completion by December 2012.

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