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The elegant and consistent promotion strategy the firm adopted so far enabled it to have a great impact on the local housing market and establish itself as one of the very top housing companies in Ethiopia. In addition, The Company’s ‘ for you ’ principle enabled people from all age groups to believe that owning houses was possible for any income group.

Flintstone continued to provide houses with three categories by construction status, which are: completed, under-construction and up-coming units at different locations. Flintstone homes are currently among the leading real estate firms in the market by opening over 23 projects in Addis Ababa and other regional cities.

Projects in Addis Ababa / The Capital City

  1. Aware apartments
  2. Adey Beshale neighborhood
  3. Mexico Tower
  4. Zobel neighborhood
  5. Bole Classic Mixed-Use
  6. Jemmo commercial Center
  7. Summit Apartments
  8. Expressway Apartments
  9. Gotera Mixed-Use
  10. Kazanchis Mixed-Use
  11. Shola Apartments
  12. Vatican mixed-use
  13. Piassa mixed-use
  14. Twin Crossings neighborhood
  15. Oasis neighborhood
  16. Lideta commercial mall
  17. Megenagna apartment
  18. Urael apartment
  19. Haya Hulet apartment
  20. Bogosiyan

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